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SYAO is a newsletter that covers topics that artists and crafts people need to know to successfully sell their creative work on the Internet. This web site is an archive of past articles, resource links, and an extensive listing of online galleries created by subscribers to the Selling Your Art Online newsletter.

Image Security
6 easy ways to protect your images on the web for free and what your legal rights are when they are used by another web site.

Register Your Domain Name
The importance in registering a domain name that people can identify with you and your artwork

Article topics include Setting up your gallery on the World Wide Web, Promotion strategies that help to make your gallery a success, the logistics of Making Sales, dealing with Security Issues and stories about New Opportunities for creative people. Learn from What Are Other Artists Doing, and share your experiences with other creative people like yourself.

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Getting Started

What Are Other Artists Doing?

Setting Up Your Gallery On The World Wide Web

Promotion - The Key To Success

Making Sales

Security Issues

New Opportunities

Getting Started

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Computer Speak for Artists

For crafts people and artists that are just starting out, "Techno Speak" can be an intimidating barrier to designing and promoting a successful online gallery. Follow this guide to understanding what all the babble is about. Includes some fine resources worth bookmarking.

What Are Other Artists Doing?

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A Survey of One Hundred Eleven Artists at Gaithersburg

This article includes the results of interviewing more than a hundred artists and crafts persons about their computer and Internet use. Includes a tip about using Chris's Promotion Guide ( to help build traffic at your site.

Should You Have Your Work in a Online Mall?

Do Online Malls and cluster galleries represent a good value for the crafts people and artists looking to show their work online?

Feedback On Your Successes

Here's where I ask you to help me - by sending me some feedback. Your replies will guide me in writing more on-topic articles, and should help us all to learn a bit more about selling art online.

Setting Up Your Gallery On The World Wide Web

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Registering Your Own Domain on the World Wide Web

If you are contemplating selling your work online, now is the time to get a domain name of your own. Over 25,000 names are being registered with InterNIC each week, and if you wait, someone else may get your business name before you do.

Scanning Your Work for the Web

How do you get your work ready to put up on the Web? Should you do it yourself, or have it scanned for you? Information and links to resources on scanning are presented with advice on what devices can work for you.

Improve the Visual Power of Your Web Site

One of the most appealing aspects of the Web is the ease with which artists can publish full color pictures of their creations. But do your pictures really do justice to beauty and power of your work?

Design Your Site With Search Engines In Mind

How site structure can effect the ability of your potential customer to find your work? Are there ways to trick the search engines into listing your art site at the top of a list? This article reviews the ways you can design your site to improve your chances of getting interested customers looking at your work, first.

Tracking Your Web Site Visitors

Do you know who your visitors are, where they come from, and what motivates them to visit your site? The answers to these questions can really help you tune your site design, and allow you to quickly focus your attention on more successful promotional strategies.

Promotion - The Key To Success

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Bringing Your Clients Directly to Your Site

This article expands on the idea of using the e-mail addresses that you collect at your shows to invite your clients to your web site gallery every time you add a new piece of work.

Standing Out From the Crowd

The web's phenomenal growth is attracting many business, and web sites are being built at a furious pace. How do you attract the attention of a potential customer so they will visit you site, or even find you at all?

Using Newsgroups and Mailing Lists to Bring Your Customer to Your Site

Find out where your potential customers hang out online, and make a positive impression on them. Learn how to use a "sig file" to invite people to your site every time you post a message.

Off Line Promotions For Your Web site

A simple piece of paper can be one of your best tools to bring new buyers to your web site, and insure repeat sales to your current customers.

Cross Link For Traffic

Links are what make the web work. The ease of clicking your way around from site to site is the essence of the World Wide Web. This article reviews ways to find and cross link with compatible sites, and shares a list of 38 malls that will let you post a link back to your site - at no charge.

Should You Join a WebRing?

Webrings are a really neat idea. They provide a great way for sites that have visitors with a common interest to pass viewers directly to each other. Learn how to join a rings of web sites that your potential customers already visit.

Using Contests to Improve Your Sales

Not only can a popular contest bring in many visitors, they all will have to sign up - giving you valuable contact information. But giving away the wrong things can actually hurt your sales, not help. Here's how to do it right.

Making Sales Online

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The Art of E-mail Conversation

Most sales you will make on the web will be preceded by a e-mail or phone call from the potential client. In my experience, the first query is almost always e-mail. How you respond to those first contact's will be critical to the success of your site.

Are You Easy to Reach?

The Internet is an amazing communications medium. It's linking the world in ways that we could hardly imagine a few years ago. But are you easy to contact by the people who visit your web site?

Using Information to Sell Your Art

Does your web site "look" add to the value of your work? Does it complement the style and quality of the work you create as an artist? What positive information should you make available to your visitors?

New Study Shows Slow Sales On The Web

If your online art sales have been slow, take heart. A new survey published by the Centre for the Study of Commercial Activity at Ryerson Polytechnical University reports that slow sales are a fairly common retail experience on the Internet. Here are some ideas on how you can improve the success of your site.

Make it Easy to Order From Your Web Site

Look at your site through the eyes of a visitor, and see if you are really ready for business. Includes tips on how to reassure folks who may be worried about online fraud.

Guaranteed to Improve Your Sales?

Should you offer a guarantee on items you sell through a online gallery? If you normally sell through a gallery or directly to your clients in person the idea of a guarantee may sound strange. But your gallery on the World Wide Web is different. The trust implicit in a money back guarantee may be critical to the success of your online sales efforts.

Small is Beautiful

What is the optimum size for a web page? Will it affect your sales if your pages load slowly? Surfers on the World Wide Web are an impatient lot. Here's how to judge what will work best for you.

Security Issues

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Image Security

6 easy ways to protect your images on the web for free and what your legal rights are when they are used by another web site.

New Opportunities

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Toward a New Model of Wholesale

Wouldn't it be great if a gallery owner who could only afford to buy a few of your pieces could still show your whole line? Not just samples, but actually all the pieces you have in your studio today? The Web is the perfect real time portfolio. Here's how gallery owners and artists can really make the web work.

How Does Your Work Look on TV? - WebTV!

WebTV, a inexpensive and easy to use device for browsing the Internet on a television set, is gaining market share. That's good news for artists and crafts people, because your art work can look great on a large television screen. Learn how to optimize your site for viewing by the people who will be surfing the Web from the comfort of their living room couches.

Is Anyone Really Making Money on the Internet?

This covers the introduction to a new column in the Michigan Guild Newsletter, published in April, 1997. Includes a tip about using MapQuest ( to locate hotels near your show site.

New Technology for Artists at Comdex

More than 225,000 people went to see 2000+ high tech firms show their latest offerings. I was one of 3,600 members of the press who went to report on the huge Comdex show in Las Vegas. This report is about the technology and products that would be useful to artists and craftspeople marketing their work on the Internet.

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